What We Do

What Sets Us Apart

Richard Fields of Fields PLLC brings a different perspective to the practice of law. His philosophy and our alternative staffing structure allow us to partner with the best possible trial team and experts with the right experience and the necessary subject matter expertise. And his experience as an entrepreneur and knowledge of the litigation finance market gives the firm the ability to raise capital for large-scale litigation and invest in the right people for the case. Fields PLLC has relationships with leading consulting firms that have unique practices in identifying litigation opportunities in antitrust, insurance, or other regulated fields; developing settlement models and managing large data analytics projects. Whether we’re navigating the complex landscape of cyber security, health care or the securities market, we’re able to bring a multi-disciplinary team to prosecute and resolve major claims.

Instead of focusing on bringing in big hourly revenues or complex processes that hinder the success of large law firms, we focus on what matters: winning your case.

Our Successes