What We Do

Our Approach

Our firm is not
your typical Law firm.

Today’s economic, societal and legal circumstances challenge the notion of a traditional law firm. Large law firms, more often than not, offer a business model that is expensive and inefficient for both the firm and its clients. Tackling the multifaceted, large-scale legal, societal and economic problems that drive modern legal issues requires broad lateral thinking and flexibility.

Most complex problems are best solved by a collaborative effort of different perspectives and skill sets. However, the very best minds and most effective problem solvers hardly ever live in the same firm.

Fields PLLC takes these new realities into account. Our structure and practice addresses the concerns Richard Fields has heard from clients throughout his legal career about quality, timing, unpredictability of costs, and practicality.

Our philosophy–that each and every opportunity is unique and that the set of skills needed, both legal and non-legal, must be matched to the problem–shapes every aspect of our business model.

How It Works

Team Management

Given our track record of settling over tens of billions of dollars of claims as lead counsel, we manage the overall client relationship and lead or co-lead strategy and settlement negotiations. However, we also participate in the litigation strategy to achieve desired outcomes and drive results. We believe the key to winning outcomes is the mastery of facts, economics and overall context of each case, and this focus shapes our strategy.

Fee Arrangements

We only work on contingency fees or alternative fee models, unless the case is a compelling pro bono matter. We arrange financing when needed and manage the overall financial structure and the multiple relationships between client, lawyers, consultants, and others. Our ability to raise the capital required for each case helps us attract the best talent and the resources required to execute a winning strategy.